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Adidas Powerband
Boa Boost

“The new Powerband Boa Boost is the most technical and innovative Powerband shoe to date and we are excited to bring it back to the golf market.”

—Masun Denison, Director of Footwear, adidas Golf.
adidas Powerband powered by Boa
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Powerband Guide Prototype Boa
Boa Guide Prototype



When adidas Golf initially came to Boa in 2012 they were looking to improve the technology and performance in their TOUR360 BOOST™ model, a shoe that had been modified and evolved over the course of nine years. Boa set to work creating parts for a configuration that would integrate easily into the shoe to enhance the 360WRAP.

The guides we developed routed the lace over the forefoot, and formed a dynamic wrap around the midsection of the foot. This low level of friction created a perfect fit for dedicated golfers looking to lock in their game. The dial offered infinite levels of adjustment for tension release one click at a time, and improved comfort throughout a round.

Since then, the Boa and adi Golf design teams have continued to collaborate on solutions that are purpose-built for performance, truly raising expectations of what a golf shoe should be.

adidas Case Study powerband boa boost


The adidas Powerband Boa Boost is our latest and greatest collaboration with adidas Golf. This time, our challenge was to affect performance from the top of the swing all the way through, providing the technology and components necessary for increased speed.

The newest configuration delivers maximum lateral stability and energy return, so there are no “power leaks”, transferring power when and where the golfer needs it for a faster swing and overall improved performance. Additionally, we designed for heightened traction and grip, and improved comfort. The push/pull L6 dial is positioned on the tongue making it easily accessible for micro-adjustments from the first through the eighteenth hole.

adidas powerband boa boost on the driving range

The Next Round.

adidas Golf has been a fantastic partner for Boa, as we have worked closely to apply The Boa® System in a way that directly addresses a golfer’s specific needs. Together, we’ve pushed the evolution of footwear from merely shoes to performance-enhancing equipment for your feet. We very much look forward to discovering what innovations future collaborations with adidas Golf will bring.

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