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Under Armour
MC 2.0 Boa

Built for the biggest and toughest athletes,
no exceptions.

UA Highlight MC 2.0 Boa
Under Armour Highlight MC 2.0 Boa


What does it mean to push boundaries and revolutionize an industry that is built on tough? How do you make a great-fitting, battle-proven cleat even better? It takes collaboration, innovation, and the drive to never settle. We partnered with Under Armour to change the game in one of the most inhospitable environments in the sports world - the gridiron of a football field.

UA Highlight Nick Foles - Getty Images
UA Highlight Fit Lab
UA Highlight Fit Lab Close Up


Product line managers, developers, and designers from both teams came together in Boa’s Performance Fit Lab to rebuild the Under Armour Highlight from the ground up. Our experts reimagined fit and closure, which resulted in the development of an entirely new configuration – Sequence™. While our traditional single dial closure system features a symmetrical lace path from top to bottom, Sequence™ incorporates two unique lace paths to achieve a more immediate and even closure throughout the cleat. In combination with the shoe upper pattern, the resulting design wraps the foot, eliminating pressure points and the need for players to wrap their cleats with athletic tape. By improving the connection of foot to cleat and decreasing the amount of time it takes to get ready, players are able to put their focus where it matters – the game.

Under Armour Highlight MC 2.0 Boa


The UA Highlight MC 2.0 Boa unites player and gear like never before. The most celebrated athletes in football, including the MVP of Super Bowl LII, are now spending less time worrying about untied shoelaces and more time winning championships. Together with UA, we’ve redefined fit, turning the ordinary cleat into an on-field advantage. We’re always ready to raise our game for the next challenge, so that the best athletes in the world can raise theirs.