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Fit to prepare, perform, or recover, the Boa Fit System delivers a micro-adjustable and uniform closure, reducing pressure points quickly and easily so you have full control of your fit.

Boa powered medical devices


Dial in the perfect fit for custom comfort that’s consistent from breakfast to bedtime, the Boa Fit System delivers stability and support 24 hours a day.

Boa Powered medical braces
Boa powered prosthetics
Boa medical devices

Built for life.

Built to provide security in any environment, the Boa Fit System is ultra-durable and strong, so you can stay focused and confident throughout all of your activities.

The Boa advantage.

Every Boa dial is designed to give you the ideal fit to best leverage all of the amazing technology in your medical device.


Featuring quick lace take up and enough power to close a variety of medical products – from back braces to prosthetics. The larger size and 1:1 gear ratio increases dexterity and grip.

M3 Dial B From Boa


Featuring maximum impact protection, resistance to accidental opening and contamination, the L6 dial is designed for precise adjustment and all-day stability.

L6 Dial A From Boa


Our lowest profile dial, S2 excels in applications that require zonal closure and are limited in space. One millimeter of adjustment per click tightens or releases tension on-the-fly. 

S2 Dial From Boa

Featured products.

We work with precision and care to perfect each unique application of our product. Explore the latest and most innovative medical devices below.

one size does not fit all.


If you think Boa is just some quick fix catalog solution, think again. We work side-by-side with our brand partners to develop unique fit solutions and achieve the ideal design through customized dial, lace, and guide configurations.


Our medical partner Exos wanted improved fit and adjustability in this brace. We configured it with two easily accessible dials that independently operate the top and bottom lace crossings for superior and inferior compression, reshaping form, fit, and function. Ultimately, the patient receives superior decompression and support, a customizable fit, and overall improved comfort.

Exos Form II with Boa
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Check back soon for more innovations and unique configurations we're working on with our partners.