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CODY KUROWSKI gets dialed in.

“I want to be at my best all the time. In everything I do I want to do it better than the last time I did it.”
- Cody Kurowski

Cody Kurowski Pioneer

“It’s tunnel vision. It’s black all around me.” As someone who spends half his life underground as a general foreman and the other half above ground as a snowboarder, it’s hard to know which part of his life Cody Kurowski is referring to. 

Underground, the mine is dark and loud – the walls are wet, the drills pounding, and there is nowhere for the sound to go as it reverberates between the small narrow tunnels of rock as Cody works 800 feet below the earth’s surface. At 31, Cody is considered young to assume the responsibilities and title of general foreman, and much of the team he’s leading has been in the mine longer than he’s been alive.


Above ground, Cody is completely dialed in to his life in the mountains – his days are divided between snowboarding with friends and building a house from the ground up, which looks out towards the mountain where he grew up snowboarding. 

His life as a miner has afforded him the ability to work two weeks on and two weeks off, a schedule that’s anything but traditional. But Cody is a visionary and creator and is committed to doing life differently. And while these lives feel worlds apart, it’s easy to see it’s his vision and commitment to being the best in his craft that connects them, “In everything I do, I want to do it better than the last time.”


That tunnel, by the way? It’s the one he sees when he’s at the top of the mountain, looking down at the line he’s about to take, “I’m lost in this space and there’s nothing around me. When you’re on the mountain with friends, you’re pushing yourself to go bigger, go further, go harder.”




Blundstone Mining Safety Boot

In the mine, the BOA-powered Blundstone Mining Safety Boot provides the highest level of safety and durability for variable terrain and wet, dirty environments, so Cody can focus on the dangerous and difficult job at hand.



Wolverine Drillbit Oil Rigger 8" 

From excavating and pouring cement to framing and roofing, Cody has built his house from the ground up. The steel-toed Wolverine Drillbit Oil Rigger provides industrial-strength protection and reliable traction with the lasting comfort and performance of the BOA Fit System.



Burton Ion

On the mountain, Cody rides the Burton Ion with the Focus Configuration, our best-in-class, performance-driven BOA Fit System offering a customized fit in three distinct zones so he can charge harder and go bigger.