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August 29, 2017


Boa, a global leader in performance fit systems, is proud to announce its sponsorship of PHIT America, a national charity and campaign to fight the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ that is seriously affecting the health of Americans and our health care costs.

Phit America and Boa

PHIT America is a non-profit, started by the sport & fitness industry, promotes grassroots programs and new legislation to influence Americans, especially children, to be more active, fit and healthy through a consumer website:

The team at Boa is committed to empowering people to get outside and lead active lives. “Obesity and inactivity are serious issues across our country and PHIT America’s mission is important,” says Shawn Neville, CEO of Boa Technology. “We need to get Americans more active, fit, and healthier in order to help them prevent and reduce health care costs. We are excited to partner with PHIT America to influence active, healthy habits.”

PHIT America has four major programs to get America, especially children, more active, fit and healthy:

  1. Get 10 million children off the couch and active by putting physical education back in our schools. PHIT America gives out GO! Grants which jump-start more movement and activity in schools. 
  2. Educate Americans, especially parents, about the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’, its ramifications, and the PHIT America solutions through News Article, a 30-minute documentary and other approaches. 
  3. Pass common sense ‘pro-activity legislation such as the PHIT Act. The PHIT Act will allow Americans to use pre-tax medical accounts as an incentive to be active and reduce healthcare costs.
  4. ‘Get America Moving’ through a national event, PHIT America Month, starting in May 2018.

PHIT America CEO and Founder, Jim Baugh, is excited about Boa Technology joining the alliance. “The support from Boa is really important. To fight the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’, we must work together. We are now over 120 companies working together to get America more active, fit and healthy.”

About PHIT America: PHIT America is an educational and advocacy campaign creating a Movement for a Fit and Healthy America. PHIT America will communicate to millions of Americans starting in early 2013 through over 100 industry supporters called Alliance Sponsors. For more information about PHIT America, contact