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Virginia Perez Mesonero


BOA Athlete Virginia Perez Mesonero Ultra Trail Runner

1st Place 2022 SKYSNOW World Championships
1st Place 2022 Madeira SKYRACE Winner
2nd Place MCC at 2023 UTMB

Virginia Perez Mesonero is an elite trail runner. During her studies at Veterinary school, she started making running an essential part of her day. Her passion for nature and running put her on a course toward elite sports competitions — starting with half marathons, then marathons, and ultimately competing in ultra-marathon races across Europe. In recent years, Perez Mesonero became a 4x Spanish Champion and has received six international medals. In short, Virginia has a passion for the mountains, the discipline of running, and the future of the trail community. As an advocate for preserving the mountains she loves and pushing for equality and women's rights in sports, Virginia works closely with Campus Trail Laspaules and Pro Trail Runners Association.

HOME BASE: Huesca, Spain
FOLLOW: Instagram 

“When I turn the BOA dial, I know I'll have a great day on the trails.”

- Virginia Perez Mesonero

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