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Redeem the BOA LIFETIME guarantee.

Our products go through the wringer. It starts with hundreds of hours of rigorous testing in our labs, then out in the field through the harshest conditions with the world's top athletes. But still, we understand things happen – that's why we offer The BOA Lifetime Guarantee.

The BOA Lifetime Guarantee

How it works

We've created a tool to help identify the parts you'll need to repair your gear. Take 5-10 minutes to answer a simple set of questions, and then we'll mail you what you need.


Tell Us

1. Tell us what happened.

Help Find

2. We'll help you find the parts you need.

Ships Free

3. We'll ship it to you for free.


The Dial

The dial is where the user interfaces with the system to fine-tune the fit.

The Lace

Crucial to the BOA Fit System, the lace carries the tension to close the product on which it’s integrated.


Sewn-in parts

Sewn-in or heat-welded guides and housings that direct the lace through the system.

Other wear and tear to the rest of product

Damage that's occurred to any other part of the product, such as the sole, uppers, tread, etc.



You can buy a spare parts kit compatible with your gear using our Spare Parts Finder.

Buy Spare Parts Kit