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The BOA Fit System delivers performance in the most rugged, rockiest, and coldest environments for better stability and lasting durability so you can stay outside longer.

Irish Setter Ravine

Irish Setter Ravine Boa Hunt
M4 Dial A



From sun up to sun down, the BOA Fit System delivers consistent, custom fit and stability for all day confidence.


Stay fast and focused.

Whether your gear is dry, wet, icy, or muddy, the BOA Fit System allows for quick and effortless micro-adjustability so you can stay focused on the target.

Simms Headwaters

Simms Headwater Boa

The Boa Advantage. 

Each micro-adjustable system uses unique dial, lace and guide configurations to deliver unprecedented fit and performance. While each component is crucial in optimizing the fit experience, the foundation of the BOA Fit System is the BOA dial.

M2 is engineered with a 2:1 gear ratio, making it easier to get the fit that you want. Quick lace take-up and powerful closure allows for micro-adjustment in the harshest weather and extreme environments.

How M2 Works


Korkers Darkhorse Boa

Making the best gear even better.

Together we're redefining the possibilities of fit.