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Confidence in all conditions.

The BOA Performance Fit System on the Blauer Assail work boot delivers the added benefit of improved stability and control.

Blauer Assail Boot

Blauer Assail tactical boot with the BOA Fit System
BOA Fit System M4 Dial C for work boots


Stay secure and focused.

No loose laces – our precision engineered laces stay contained in the dial cartridge, out of your way and out of machinery.


Built for life.

When we say tough, we mean it. Engineered with ultra-durable materials, the BOA Fit System is extensively tested for the harshest conditions.

Englebert Strauss Tegman work boot with the BOA Fit System


Each micro-adjustable system uses unique dial, lace and guide configurations to deliver unprecedented fit and performance. While each component is crucial in optimizing the fit experience, the foundation of the BOA Fit System is the BOA dial.

Designed for effortless operation with gloved hands, the M4 dial allows for micro-adjustment with a stable and controlled grip in wet and variable conditions. The two-part design provides maximum impact protection while offering effortless field repair so nothing is stopping you – just pop the cartridge back in and you’re back to work.

How M4 Works


Red Wing Tradesman work boot with the BOA Fit System

Making the best gear even better.

Together we're redefining the possibilities of fit.