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Max Berger stays dialed in with BOA as he makes his dream a reality, training for his ultimate feat of summiting K2 and Broad Peak without bottled oxygen and becoming the first person to paraglide off the peak.

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We built the BOA Fit System for hiking and mountaineering as if our lives depended on it – delivering superior heel hold and stability, and an effortless, precise fit designed to withstand even the toughest environments.

La Sportiva Aequillibrium BOA
BOA M4 Dial

in all

From uncertain conditions to unpredictable terrain, the BOA Fit System reduces pressure points and accommodates swelling with effortless micro-adjustments for better response in all conditions.


Lightweight, strong, and weatherproof.

The BOA Performance Fit System on the Mammut Ducan BOA delivers the added benefit of improved ankle stability.

Mammut Ducan BOA High GTX

Mammut Duncan BOA Hiking Boot

The BOA Advantage.

Each micro-adjustable system uses unique dial, lace, and guide configurations to deliver unprecedented fit and performance. While each component is crucial in optimizing the fit experience, the foundation of the BOA Fit System is the BOA dial.

L6 is the most widely used dial in the L-SERIES thanks to its versatile cartridge system. Designed to keep you going, the two-part design provides maximum impact protection and effortless field repair – when extreme force ejects the dial, you can easily pop the cartridge back in get back on the trail.

Engineered for quality and durability, L6 provides a micro-adjustable fit and allows for fast release.

How L6 works

The BOA Advantage

Making the best gear even better.

Together we're redefining the possibilities of fit.