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Fit to perform.

Dial in your perfect fit with a smooth, uniform closure for more even pressure distribution, reduced fatigue, and fewer blisters — this is enduring comfort for all-day adventures. 

Boa powered hiking shoes


Built to perform in any environment, the Boa Fit System sheds water, mud, and ice co it never weighs you down.

Boa powered hiking boots
M2 Dial from Boa for hiking
Hiking Boots with The Boa System


The durability and security you need in the most rugged, cold and harsh environments, the Boa Fit System delivers more connectivity and stability, so you can focus on what matters most; the summit.

The Boa advantage.

Every Boa dial is designed to give you the ideal fit to best leverage all of the amazing technology in your gear. That way, you can get even more out of what you put in.


Featuring maximum impact protection, resistance to accidental opening and contamination, the L6 dial is designed for precise adjustment and all-day stability.

L6 Dial From Boa


Featuring quick lace take up and enough power to close and adjust boots in a variety of environments, the larger dial and 1:1 gear ratio increases dexterity and grip for gloved hands.

M3 Dial From Boa

Featured products.

We work with precision and care to perfect each unique application of our product. Explore the latest and most innovative hiking boots below.

one size does not fit all.


If you think Boa is just some quick fix catalog solution, think again. We work side-by-side with our brand partners to develop unique fit solutions and achieve the ideal design through customized dial, lace, and guide configurations.


La Sportiva was looking for a more secure fit in this boot model. We implemented a dual dial system; one mounted on the tongue, the other on the lateral cuff of the inner boot. The dual dials control heel hold, forefoot closure, and the cuff for ultimate security in hazardous mountain terrains.

La Sportiva G2 SM Powered By Boa
Boa Fit To Go Further Logo


Check back soon for more innovations and unique configurations we're working on with our partners. 

Hiking with Boa Technology