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Boa founder Gary Hammerslag started with one big idea to replace traditional shoelaces in snowboard boots with a faster, more convenient method of lacing up.  In 2001, the Boa Fit System was introduced to the world with our first partners, K2 and Vans. Since then Boa has found a home with many partners across a number of different industries.

Gary Hammerslag Founder of Boa Technology
Boa Technology First Prototype


Our products are featured in millions of snowboard boots on mountains around the world. They fine tune fit in the shoes of the world’s best cyclists. They’re in work boots that work 60 hours a week and in medical equipment that works 24/7. We started with one big idea, and now there are millions of people worldwide going faster, higher, and further in Boa. 

Boa in action snowboarding


All of us at Boa are actively involved in the activities our technology enhances. We are riders, hikers, runners, golfers, and cyclists. We get psyched when it snows. We seek singletrack to ride, emerald green fairways to walk, and endless trails to hike.

Zach Jensen Boa Zach Jensen Boa
Zach uses Boa for every time a performance fit is needed.
Zach Jensen
Senior Prototyper
Masaki Sumino Boa Masaki Sumino Boa Action
Masaki uses Boa for mtb dh, golf, snowboard, running, Converse Retrofit.
Masaki Sumino
Technical Sales Support
Randon Kruse - Boa Randon Kruse - Boa Action
Randon uses Boa for All the fun outside things
Randon Kruse
Senior Design Engineer
Emiliano Escandón Falcón Boa Emiliano Escandón Falcón Boa Action
Emiliano uses Boa for archery, grilling with RHCP, parenting (drinking)…
Emiliano Escandón Falcón
Applications Engineer & CPD Team Lead EMEA
Marco Armiraglio Boa Marco Armiraglio Boa
Marco uses Boa for ski mountaineering, hiking and cycling.
Marco Armiraglio
Factory Support Manager
Josef Duller Boa Joef Duller Boa Action
Josef uses Boa for MTB, Dirt Biking, Van Driving
Josef Duller
Design Engineer
David Clifton Boa David Clifton Boa Action
David uses Boa for Cycling, Hiking, Hunting, Everyday wear.
David Clifton
Manager of Document Control
Stephen Collins Boa Stephen Collins Boa
Stephen uses Boa for Climbing trees
Stephen Collins
Engineering Technician
Jeffrey Gay Boa Jeffrey Gay Boa Action
Jeffrey uses Boa for Biking, working out, and around town
Jeffrey Gay
Associate Product Engineer
Shelby Trueax Boa Shelby Trueax Boa Action
Shelby uses Boa for snow frolicking, sports playing
Shelby Trueax
Color, Material, Finish Designer
Kimberly Ammon Boa Kim Ammon Boa Action
Kimberly uses Boa for Skiing, trail running, hiking
Kimberly Ammon
AP/Payroll Specialist
Coulter Vogt - Boa Coulter Vogt Boa - Action
Coulter uses Boa for Golf, Running, Hiking
Coulter Vogt
Factory Account Coordinator
Behind the scenes at Boa Technology


At Boa, our people drive everything that we are today, and will become decades from now. We think like owners yet take calculated risks, pushing what's possible so we can create what's next. We know the joy of actively pursuing goals, making them realities, and then moving on to the next challenge. If this type of environment sounds rewarding to you, check out our open positions and send us your resume. 
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