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BOA Athletes SCOTT-SRAM Cycling Team

Home of XCO World Champion Kate Courtney and 34x XCO World Cup Champion Nino Schurter.

SCOTT- SRAM is home to the world's most successful Cross-Country MTB athletes, including Kate Courtney and Nino Schurter. Today, SCOTT-SRAM hosts four world-class international riders with the additions of Andri Frischnecht and Filippo Colombo, holding considerable Olympic, World, and European Championship titles. They are strong, focused, and on a mission to continue breaking records, peddling their way to new levels of endurance.

HOME BASE: Feldbach, Switzerland
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Scott-sram'S shoe: Scott mtb rc sl

"Trusting the fit and durability of my shoes is everything on race day. My BOA-powered Scott shoes have assisted me on countless wins and podiums." 

- Nino Schurter