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ELLEN NOBLE | Professional Cyclist

23-year-old cyclocross champion Ellen Noble is changing the course for future generations as she bunny-hops the patriarchy and leads a movement of equality.

Ellen Noble Race Start

When most 15-year-old girls were causing trouble at the mall, Ellen Noble was cleaning up at the legendary Grand Prix of Gloucester. After watching one of her amateur races, her dad told her she could be cyclocross national champion one day. Now at 23, she didn’t just win a national championship – she won three, and is going for more. A trailblazer of her time, she’s one of the first females to bunny hop the barriers. This skill coined her catchphrase “bunny hop the patriarchy” and started an unexpected feminist movement that has made her a leader for equality and social justice in her sport.

“We're pushing for diversity and more inclusivity. I feel I'd always probably be pushing those buttons, but it's not to piss people off. I’m not a button pusher…but maybe I am” winks Ellen.

Ellen Noble Running Bike In Mud

Her outspokenness hasn’t gone un-trolled. A hot race day led to an infamous unzipped jersey, which led to backlash from haters that sexualized what was simply her solution to overheating. Ellen turned the negative comments into an opportunity to start a conversation about sexuality and the perpetuation of objectifying women in cycling when they don’t want to be. It’s a sports bra, people. Get over it.

Like one of her favorite rappers, she’s “in her feelings” and is open about the struggles she’s had in her personal life. Her “no regrets” self-mandate sends a human message that it’s ok to make mistakes. If you try to hop the barriers, metaphorical or not, you’ll occasionally eat it. But if you’re smart about it, you can turn these washouts into lessons that can make you a stronger person and athlete.

Ellen's Smile

Ellen’s been dialing in with BOA for years. “My family always said that I have Cinderella feet, so having really, really, really minute adjustments are perfect for me.” Ellen’s just as extraordinary as her unique feet. She’s at the top of her sport, with her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics and the 2022 CX Worlds, but is concentrating on more than just pedaling. “I just want to keep following my heart and fighting for what I believe in.” See her boxing glove tattoo if you need any more proof.

Ellen Noble Bunny Hop

Trek CX Cup 2019 - Waterloo, Wisconsin

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