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For that 1/100th of a second.

IngIng Motorsport 

Every millisecond matters for INGING Motorsport — the Japanese racing team who dominates the Super Formula race scene, which is the highest-level domestic formula car racing series in Japan. With seven matches a year, the races are an intense battle where drivers, pit workers, and engineers are put to the test with no room for error.

INGING Motorsport
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"The driver’s technique is of paramount importance, but the reality is that this is a sport where the entire team — from the mechanics to the engineers to the support staff — fight together. In a race where even 1/100th of a second can mark the difference between victory and defeat, the time spent on pit work can have a major effect on the entire race." - Shogo Orita, #39 Chief Mechanic

Super Formula’s challenging pit work regulations demand agility and quick footwork from the crew. Rather than working with two people on each of the four tires like Formula One, Super Formula only allows one mechanic at the front and one at the rear changing tires. Performing as an athlete, the pit crew is fighting to gain even a hundredth of a second, and gear can make all the difference.

“When a pit crew can concentrate on their work without any unease and act instantly with confidence, it raises the performance of the entire team.”

The INGING Pit Crew gets dialed in with the Asics Winjob CP209 BOA. Delivering a fast, effortless, and secure fit, the precision and speed of the BOA Fit System aligns with the demands the crew faces in the pit.

Orita adds, “When a pit crew can concentrate on their work without any unease and act instantly with confidence, it raises the performance of the entire team.”

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The battle begins before the cars ever line up in the starting grid. By doing test drive after test drive, the crew tunes the engine, body, tires, and every part of the car to the finest detail in preparation for the best performance possible. Still, every race is unpredictable, and the synchronicity of the team can make or break the outcome.

“Races can contain battles with any number of factors. Weather, temperature, course condition, strategy against rivals you never encounter the exact same situation twice. When a team is united, it can face any challenge, and that’s exactly why the performance of every member of the crew is crucial.” - Tomokazu Asami, #38 Chief Mechanic

Stay tuned for more from the INGING Motorsport team as the 2020 Super Formula series ramps back up. To once again win the overall team championship crown, they’ll face this series on their feet, just as they do with the car itself.

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Get the Gear.


Asics Winjob CP209 BOA pit crew shoeAsics Winjob Cp209

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