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gets dialed in.

"I think I was ready the last thirty years for this kind of thing. But when I'm there, I want to be really prepared." 
- Max Berger

Max Berger Pioneer

As a professional alpinist, Max Berger has been climbing for most of his life. He’s had many notable achievements including the first alpine-style ascent of the north ridge on Ama Dablam, but if you ever have the chance to talk with him, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not the glory or headlines that drive him. So what gets him out of his sleeping bag at 3 am in -30-degree temperatures? It’s a passion for adventure and friendship, and the freedom of the climb that keeps him coming back.


Max is currently training for one of his biggest feats yet – K2 and Broad Peak. Guided by his purist principles, he’ll be climbing his way to the summit – suffering through harsh, windy conditions with ice and snow at high altitude – all without bottled oxygen. At 8,611m, K2 is the second highest and most difficult 8,000m peak. Broad Peak, the 12thhighest mountain in the world, is 8,047m. When Max reaches the top, he plans to paraglide off the peak.

“In high altitude, you always have a lot of wind which is not good if you want to take off with a paraglider. But if I have the chance, it will be incredible.”

To reach the top you need focus, and there’s no room for mistakes. “You have to stay in shape when basecamp is at 5,000 meters. You need to train and do a lot of basic endurance. I could go there without any training, but the better you feel and the better in shape, and the safer you are.”

Stay tuned for more on Max’s expedition to K2 Broad Peak and follow his journey to the summit.



La Sportiva G2 SM

The technical and lightweight La Sportiva G2 SM features a double boot design with a dual zone Boa Fit System configuration, providing stability, warmth, durability, and a micro-adjustable performance-driven fit Max needs to reach the summit.



Adidas Terrex Two Boa 

Max uses the Adidas Terrex Two while training and trail running in the Alps for long-range comfort and extra cushioning with the unmatched adjustability and performance of the Boa Fit System.


Fischer Travers Carbon

While ski mountaineering, Max uses the lightweight Fischer Travers Carbon Boot with the Boa Fit System for the unlimited adjustability, custom comfort, and ultimate performance needed for his expedition of K2 Broad Peak.



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