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Michael Kabicher gets dialed in. 

"When I'm dialed in, it's my time. I'm ready to go." 
- Michael Kabicher 

Michael Pioneer

It’s early morning, and the blustering wind howls as a blizzard of snow blurs what lies ahead. Trail runner Michael Kabicher lives for this, training all year long to compete at his peak. In the winter, he spends his weekends ski mountaineering, ascending on steep winter alpine terrain to prepare his body and mind for the upcoming season. His dedication continues into the week, running miles as the sun comes up before heading into work. This commitment and focus on preparation has brought him all over the world to compete as an ultra-trail runner, with several podium appearances in events like the Korea 50k, the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji 90k, and Hochkönigman 47k.


As both an athlete and BOA employee, Michael is deeply committed to our mission of providing high-performance fit. His understanding of the harsh conditions found on the trail carries into his work, and his on-the-job knowledge and experience with the product allows him to fully understand and trust the elevated performance and security found with the BOA Fit System.

Michael first got into competitive running with road marathons and triathlons, but he eventually found his way to trail running where he fell in love with the community and the culture. He built on this passion by pioneering the BOA Trail Running team – a group of nine athletes from Europe and the US who travel and train together all over the world. On the trail, the athletes are hyper-focused on the summit and the rocky, technical terrain that leads them there. But it’s the camaraderie off of the trail that keeps bringing them back.


From the outside, the mental toughness required for trail running may seem like an individual pursuit, but it’s the common bond of likeminded, driven athletes around the world that creates a global culture that pushes everyone further. It’s about the elevation gains, the views, and seeing new places and the scramble it takes to get there. It’s about pushing the body to its limits and using your mind to keep going when the body wants to stop. These athletes are here to top as many peaks as possible and find community in the strangers who become family along the way. Winning is great, but it’s all about the pursuit.

Stay tuned for more stories as Michael trains for the upcoming competition season.

Get the Gear. 



Adidas Terrex Two Boa

The unmatched adjustability in the Adidas Terrex Two gives Michael the stability and performance fit needed for long races and rocky, technical terrain.




When training in the winter, Michael uses the lightweight Fischer Travers Ski Boot while ski mountaineering. The BOA Fit System provides even closure with a micro-adjustable, performance fit so he can easily adjust while climbing.



Leki Nordic Tune Shark Boa Glove


A better fitting glove gives better control of the pole and other equipment. The Leki Nordic Tune Touch BOA Glove uses the BOA Fit System to provide a perfectly adjustable fit and quick release.