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By staying present and focusing on the moment, coach and elite athlete Vincent Viet finds passion and success in the sport of ultrarunning.

Vincent Viet at sunset

High in the heart of the French Alps lies the town of Annecy, France. It’s where, among the myriad of trails, winding mountain roads, and sparkling namesake lake, you’ll find Vincent Viet.  A cyclist turned ultra trail runner and coach, the location feeds his appetite for adventure and allows him to train to compete at a top level in distances of 100k and 100 miles.

“When I start the race, I don’t think about the finish line. My first goal is just to go to the next checkpoint.”

One’s first thought is likely that it takes grit and courage to run hard for hours and hours on end. But for Vincent, that is not the only mindset. “You need to be determined,” he says, “but you need to think about the reasons we are here now.” For the majority of the population, ultra distances seem insane, even insurmountable, but Vincent takes a different approach. Breaking the races down into manageable pieces allows him to focus on the present and what he can do in each section, each moment. He doesn’t dwell on the past miles or the ones that lie ahead, for as any ultrarunner knows, if things are going bad, in the next hour they can suddenly be great. And if they are going great, well… don’t hold your breath. It’s a long race. Things will change.

Vincet Viet trail running in the French Alps

“After 10 hours on trails your mind is meditative. I like to disconnect my body and my mind.”

The New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro Boa on rocks

Perhaps it is this spirit of living in the now which led him from elite cycling to ultra trail running. Finding himself bored of cycling competition, he discovered a fresh challenge on the mountain trails. Running became his next checkpoint; the new now. Immediately, Vincent began dialing in his life around his newfound passion, eventually bringing him to make his home in the outdoor mecca of Annecy. There, he enjoys not only the proximity to trails and other top athletes, but an airport allowing him to travel to international races. “Running is, for me, a real good thing to discover people… countries,” he muses. “Everywhere you go [is] everywhere you can run.”

Familiar with the BOA Fit System from his cycling days, Vincent uses the technology to control the things he can as the race evolves through day and night. So much can change over the course of 100 kilometers or miles – from the state of the trail to an athlete’s gait and even the size of their feet. For him, every millimeter of fit is important. And in this sport, it’s often the little details that lead to great success.

Vincent Viet running in Annecy France

Get the Gear.

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro Boa
New Balance
Fresh Foam Hierro Boa

Vincent hits the trails in the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro BOA. The dual dial configuration activates a tri-panel canopy design for unrivaled stability and a more consistent connection to the midsole. Zonal adjustments activate the BOA Fit System to accommodate different foot volumes and swelling throughout the day.




New Balance 1500 T2 Boa
New Balance
1500T2 Boa

Designed for speed, the New Balance 1500 T2 is built to perform. The BOA Fit System activates a tri-panel canopy design, improving stability and micro-adjustability to the sock construction of the shoe’s upper.




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