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Speedland SL:HSV

The trail running shoe Speedland SL:HSV featuring the BOA® Fit System with Dual Dial Li2 delivers micro-adjustable precision fit for improved power and responsiveness. Engineered for confidence – built to perform when every moment matters. 

Performance Fit Benefits

BOA Dialed In Trail Running

Dialed in.

Micro-adjustable, precision fit for on-the-fly tightening and loosening.

BOA Locked In Trail Running

Locked in.  

Designed to stabilize the midsole, reducing landing impact.

BOA Confident Trail Running


Engineered and built to perform on the toughest trails, dials and lace designed to provide superior durability.

Dial And Lace Specs


Lightweight and low-profile, Li2 enables multidirectional adjustments for tightening and loosening at every turn, climb, and sprint. Built to last, the dial platform is engineered with unprecedented durability against impact, abrasion, dirt and debris.

  • Push in to engage
  • Turn to tighten
  • Turn to loosen
  • Pull up for fast release


Flexible, lightweight, and strong, the TX4 textile lace provides a soft feel with the lasting strength of Dyneema®.

The Boa Fit System.

The BOA Fit System gives you the freedom to dial in fit. Every construction and configuration is purpose-built for performance by using three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low-friction lace guides.

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The Boa Fit System