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Boa is redefining the possibilities of fit for all kinds of industries, all over the globe. We designed the Boa Fit System to be versatile, secure, and precise, meeting the strength and tension requirements of applications across multiple product categories. See below for other categories where you can find the Boa Fit System. 


Tuned. Tested. True.

Boa is making waves in the watersports industry, improving fit and increasing adjustability on everything from wakeboarding boots to kayak seats and helmets. The Boa Fit System doesn’t stretch when wet, and is easily adjustable with gloves on, making it a key performance-enhancing technology for any water application.


Winter Sports.

We were born in the snow.

The Boa Fit System began as a closure system for snowboard boots and we’ve been refining it for optimal performance in cold weather ever since. The dial, laces, and lace guides never freeze, in fact, they repel ice, snow, and other elements, securing traction and overall stability even in the harshest conditions.


Helmets shouldn’t fit like a brick.

With the Boa Fit System we’ve changed the way entire industries think about how helmets should fit. Our lightweight, low-profile system enables the user to adjust the fit for all-day comfort. You can find the Boa Fit System in just about any kind of helmet, including snowboard, skiing, cycling, and tactical applications.


Motor Sports.

Gain without pain.

We take a beating all day long so riders don’t have to. From knee protection, to motocross pants, to moto boots and shoes, Boa has proven our system can perform even in the toughest applications. We designed our dial to repel dirt and grit, to be easily adjusted even with gloves on, and to work friction-free with our aircraft-grade stainless-steel laces to keep you secure, protected, and comfortable when you’re flat out going for it.


Alpinists ascend to the uninhabitable, and the Boa Fit System goes with them. Pounded, frozen, submerged, you name it, we’ve tested it. Just like the athletes who are out there going beyond, we never settle. With a secure fit that stays true, adjustability throughout the long days for comfort and stability, and accessibility for gloved hands in bitter, biting conditions, we built the Boa Fit System for mountaineering as if our life depended on it. 

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