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Fit to perform.

Dial in your perfect fit with a smooth, uniform closure — so you can put less energy into keeping your foot secure and more into keeping control. And with dual dial boots providing zonal adjustment, you get a snug fit where you want it (not where you don’t). Boa delivers custom comfort for longer days on the hill. 

Snowboard Dialing In


Boa makes it easy to get your boots on and off quickly — and to make instant adjustments throughout the day — without ever having to remove your gloves. Give your feet some breathing room on the lift or in the lodge, and dial in for performance while you ride. 

Boa Powered Snowboarding
Getting Ready to Snowboard with Boa
Boa Powered Snowboard Boots
Boa H3 dial

Always TIED UP.

Boa laces are precision-engineered to ensure a balance of low friction and high durability. And since they’re contained inside the assembly, they stay out of sight and out of your way. 


Get better protection and all-day comfort with our lightweight, low-profile system seamlessly integrated into your helmet. You can even make micro-adjustments throughout the day, easily accommodating additional layers. 

Boa snowboard boots in deep snow

The Boa advantage.

Every Boa dial used in snowboard boots and helmets is designed to give you the ideal fit to best leverage all of the amazing technology in your gear. That way, you can get even more out of what you put in.


Featuring a 4:1 gear ratio and cushioned grip, H3+ empowers high lace tension, making it easier to get the fit that you want. As an additional premium feature, coiler technology increases speed of entry and quickly takes up slack lace. 

H3+ From Boa


Featuring a 4:1 gear ratio and cushioned grip, H3+ empowers high lace tension, making it easier to get the fit that you want.

H3+ Coiler From Boa


By increasing the diameter to 40 mm, M3v2 is able to achieve similar tension to H3+. Purpose built to allow for zonal adjustment, this dial is ideal for closure to the instep or the lower zone of more flexible snowboard boots.

M3v2 From Boa

Featured products.

We work with precision and care to perfect each unique application of our product. Explore the latest and most innovative snowboard boots below.

one size does not fit all.


If you think Boa is just some quick fix catalog solution, think again. We work side-by-side with our brand partners to develop unique fit solutions and achieve the ideal design through customized dial, lace, and guide configurations.


Pairing Burton’s intuitive boot-to-binding connection with a dual dial Boa Fit System results in a boot that delivers on fit and heel hold. Powered by Burton’s exclusive New England Ropes, the Burton Photon Step On is built for performance.

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Burton Photon Step On boa Snowboard Boot


Placing a premium on comfort, the Estate delivers a high power Boa Coiler System, for industry leading heel hold and ankle mobility. A smooth and consistent flex allows you to shred your favorite zones at the resort and beyond.

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K2 Estate Boa Snowboard Boot


The patented K2 Boa CONDA System allows you to adjust the liner from the outside of your boot. Activated by a remote M3v2 dial, the harness is securely built into the shell of the boot and tightens around the liner to lock your foot in position. The outer shell is controlled by our H3+ dial with Coiler technology, increasing speed of entry and making it easier to close stiff boots.

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K2 Maysis Powered By The Boa System


Because this boot is for more advanced riders, we created a high-performance focus configuration. It delivers adjustability in two zones with an overlapping third—the instep zone. Our H3+ dial with coiler technology provides speed of entry and the 4:1 gear ratio creates high lace tension, making it easier to close stiff boots.

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Check back soon for more innovations and unique configurations we're working on with our partners. 

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