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Sustainability & social responsibility. 



We are dedicated to keeping our planet healthy, our community thriving, and our athletes dialed in and performing at their peak. Our mission to become a more sustainable and equitable business starts with our internal practices and extends to our global partnerships. Transparency continues to be key to our mission — we strive to operate with excellence and purpose in everything we do, and we will continue to share our progress toward our sustainability and community goals to keep our consumers and partners informed every step of the way. 



At BOA®, our vision and passion are to inspire and enable peak performance. We manifest it through elite athletes pushing the limits of human performance, our employees pursuing their professional and personal aspirations, our brands, suppliers, and factory partners achieving their goals, and our community partners paving an equitable path for everyone to realize their dreams. Our vision is underpinned by our BOA® values, including:

We are an inclusive global team that trusts and cares for each other, our partners, the community, and the environment.

What does this mean for Sustainability and Social Responsibility at BOA®? While we are still relatively early in our Sustainability journey, I am proud of our team’s progress—dramatically reducing our overall plastic usage and making significant progress toward a shift to renewable and recycled materials and energy. That said, we are not satisfied and will continue challenging ourselves and our partners to reduce our carbon footprint while pushing the boundaries of human performance. 

Our approach to Social Responsibility is grounded in making a positive difference for BOA® employees, our supply chain partners’ employees, underserved people in the communities where we work and live, and the environment. Similar to Sustainability, we are still relatively early in our journey towards building a more inclusive extended ecosystem, and we are making good progress. 

We have made meaningful improvements for our employees, including regionally relevant benefit programs for our global teams and accessible opportunities to volunteer in the community. We continue to promote inclusive recruiting and operating practices.  Further, we are working closely with our supply chain manufacturing partners, who are all now meeting or exceeding key standards in health and wellness, compensation and benefits, and work-life balance for all their employees. We have also deepened our partnerships with non-profit groups, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Chill Foundation, Protect Our Winters, JiangXi Early Childhood School, Ansan Multicultural Family Center, and the Denver Scholarship Foundation to expand access to the outdoors, education, and career possibilities. 

At BOA®, we are committed to being respectful stewards of our fragile planet and socially responsible leaders of those directly and indirectly in our ecosystem. I am grateful and appreciative of your interest in our journey and for our team at BOA®, who are passionate, caring, and deeply committed to Sustainability and Social Responsibility while continuously pushing the limits of human performance through the integration and application of our patented revolutionary BOA® Fit Systems.   


BOA CEO Shawn Neville



Rooted in its mountain heritage, BOA® strives to be positive environmental stewards committed to the well-being of our precious planet for future generations. The reduction of plastic and transition to more sustainable materials is materially reducing BOA®’s CO2 emissions and impact on the earth. 

BOA Sustainaibility


In 2023, BOA® used 31%* less plastic and reduced production waste by 50% vs. 2018 baseline (as a % of volume). This has resulted in more than 550 tons of plastic material being diverted from landfills in the last five years. BOA® is also committed to eliminating the use of virgin fossil fuel plastics from BOA® product and packaging. 

*Calculations of Overall Plastic Reduction have been revised to include additional materials. This change would result in the April 2023 release of the BOA® Annual Impact Report, presenting Overall Plastic Reduction as 28% instead of the previously published 32%.  

Plastic Waste Reduction at BOA

Increased Recycled and 
Renewable Materials Usage

In 2023, more than 98% of BOA® Fit Systems incorporated recycled content and shipped with 99% recycled or renewably sourced packaging. Overall, more than 25% of BOA®’s plastic was derived from recycled or renewable sources in 2023, with a target of reaching 58% by 2026, and 100% by 2031.   

BOA Sustainable Materials



BOA® is an inclusive global team that trusts and cares for its employees, partners, the community, and the environment.

Our employees are deeply engaged and passionate about BOA®’s leadership in Social Responsibility, which is reflected in their very high volunteer rate, belief in the company’s commitment and initiatives to improve inclusion and diversity, and deep partnerships with suppliers to ensure their employee health and welfare, safety, and wage practices meet or exceed defined standards. 

BOA Social Responsibility


BOA Participation in BOA Led Volunteering
BOA Community Partners


BOA Diversity and Inclusion

 Making progress, in 2023 we saw a 5% increase from 2022.

BOA Diversity and Inclusion


BOA Partner Facilities Achieving A/B Grade

A-grade facilities demonstrate exceptional performance in environmental sustainability practices, worker safety measures, and ethical standards. B-grade facilities meet BOA®’s minimum standards for a satisfactory level of performance.

BOA Key Supplier Partners


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We are a global team with offices in Denver, Austria, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China. In addition to protecting our community and the environment, we have a strict social compliance program that protects the health and safety of our employees in all of our offices, including our factories and suppliers.

We are committed to fair and safe working conditions, and environmental responsibility.

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