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DC Travis Rice Snowboard Boot Lace Path

Best-in-class, performance-driven design uses three distinct zones for maximum heel hold and response.


  1. UPPER 
    Tongue dial controls lace that tightens the upper zone to provide flex and stability.

  2. LOWER 
    Remote dial adjusts tension in the lace that locks in the forefoot for greater response and control of the lower zone.

  3. INSTEP 
    Lace paths come together to create the Focus™ zone for maximum heel hold.

THe Details

It doesn’t get any better than this. The Focus™ configuration is BOA’s best-in-class, performance-driven design found in the highest end boots on the market. Here you’ll get customized fit in two distinct zones — the upper and lower zones overlap to create the Focus™ zone to target the instep. The Focus™ zone provides maximum heel hold by anchoring the heel in the back pocket of the boot, allowing riders to charge harder and perform at their peak.

Ideal for advanced all-mountain and backcountry riding and riders looking for a premium, stiffer boot.


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FOCUS Fit Configuration
2020/2021 FAVORITES


Tim Zimmerman
Tim Zimmerman

Men's Boots


Burton Ion Men's BOA Snowboard Boot with Focus


Smooth and styley backcountry rider Mark Sollors dials in to the Burton Ion for effortless precision fit and peak performance in the backcountry.

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DC Travis Rice Men's BOA Snowboard Boot with Focus

DC Travis Rice

If it's got Travis Rice's name on it, you know it can hang  the DC Travis Rice is designed for response and precision on the most jawdropping lines.

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K2 Taro Tamai Men's BOA Snowboard Boot with Focus

K2 Taro TamAi snowsurfer

When you surf the mountains like Taro Tamai, feel and connection is everything. The K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer is an ultra-premium, technical take on a soft-flexing boot.

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Vans Verse Men's BOA Snowboard Boot with Focus

VANS Verse

With personalized heel hold and micro-adjustable precision, it's all about customization with the Vans Verse.

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Rome Libertine snowboard boot BOA

rome libertine

With a Dual Dial Focus™ configuration and stiffer-flex, the Rome Libertine gives you full control of your hard-charging destiny.


Head Four Focus BOA

Head Four Focus BOA

Built for intermediate to advanced riders the FOUR BOA FOCUS boasts excellent fit and response for the progressive freestyler and freerider. It's upper features a zonal BOA® Fit System, which guarantees an individual, solid fit.

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Women's Boots


DC Mora Women's BOA Snowboard Boot with Focus

DC Mora

All of the best rolled into one, the DC Mora Boot delivers DC's top of the line performance for women.


Vans Viaje snowboard boot BOA

VANS Viaje

Performance-ready, the Vans Viaje features dual dial micro-adjustability and superior heel hold fit for the most demanding female riders.