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The Science of Performance Podcast with Dan Feeney
The Science of Performance Podcast with Dan Feeney






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Decoding Athletic Excellence:  
Insights from 'The Science of Performance' Podcast 

Welcome to "The Science of Performance," hosted by the trailblazing Dan Feeney, BOA Sr. Director of Partner Product Design and Innovation and supported by the Freetrail Network, this captivating podcast takes you on a journey into peak performance. This venture traces back to a live podcast session where Dan teamed up with Professional Ultra Trail Runner, Dylan Bowman, to dissect his renowned signature trail shoe. Witnessing Dan's gift for unraveling the intricacies of athletic prowess, the idea for this remarkable podcast was born. Join us as we explore the science behind athletic achievement and unlock the secrets to unleashing full potential in peak performance.

Episode 2: Supershoe Science with Wouter Hoogkamer

In 2016, the Nike Vaporfly 4% launched and “Supershoes” entered running lexicon. Dan engages in a captivating conversation with Wouter Hoogkamer, the esteemed lead author of the groundbreaking article that unveiled the science behind the Nike Vaporfly 4% shoe. Wouter, a renowned runner and footwear expert, delves into the core elements that define a super shoe and its potential to elevate athletic performance. Together, they explored the intriguing prospect of adapting "super shoes" from road running to the challenging terrain of trails.

Episode 1: Introducing the Science of Performance  

Dan and Dylan, Freetrail founder and professional ultra runner with an extensive list of top finishes, kick off "The Science of Performance" podcast series by dissecting the fundamentals of athletic performance. From biomechanics in footwear to the physiology of training, they challenge assumptions about peak performance and its relevance to athletes. Get to know Dan Feeney and gain insights into why biomechanics matters. This episode also offers a preview of future guests and topics, making it the perfect start to your journey into the world of peak athletic performance. 

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Female test subject in the BOA Performance Fit Lab wearing the Women's New Balance Minimus TR BOA